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Photo: SGI/Sebastian Bokhari Irminger

Coordination responsibility coastal erosion

We have been assigned by the Government to bear responsibility to coordinate coastal erosion issues in Sweden. The task is to reduce the risks of erosion.

The starting point for activities is to help to prevent damage due to coastal erosion through appropriate community planning and through well-planned erosion reduction and restoration measures for threatened buildings, infrastructure and other areas worthy of protection.

  • We are the consultation body to county administrative boards and local authorities in town and country planning.
  • We produce and develop knowledge in the field. We catalogue the overall conditions for erosion in Sweden.
  • We collaborate with Swedish and international agencies with responsibility for or related to questions about coastal erosion. There is, for example, a Network of Agencies for Coastal Erosion issues that we run.
  • Annually we arrange Coastal Meetings on different themes for municipalities in Skåne (in the southern region in Sweden) with erosion problems.
  • We provide support to municipal rescue services for risk assessments in emergency situations.
Page was updated 2016-08-23
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