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Overview of a construction site where different soil and foundation works are carried out. Construction workers and machinery at work. Photo Photo: SGI/Elin Sjöstedt

More efficient soil works

Our mission is to promote safe, economic and environmentally sustainable development in the geotechnical field. We provide research, advisory services and convey knowledge in order to streamline ground construction.

We support other national agencies, municipalities, consultants, construction companies, the general public and society in general with know-how about effective ground construction. As an independent expert agency, we offer advice to other agencies, county administrative boards, municipalities and private stakeholders in ground construction and ground use. We also work in applied-research projects.

Through more efficient ground construction, we believe that we contribute towards:

  • increasing safety
  • reducing environmental and climate impact
  • attaining the appropriate quality in ground construction
  • increasing productivity reducing costs

Areas of Development

We employ a proactive approach to research and expert support in order to develop efficient ground construction in many areas of research and development:

  • innovative solutions for use of new materials and reduced maintenance
  • efficient surveying and measurement methods as well as new methods to interpret and evaluate results
  • geotechnical characteristics of soil, rock, waste and residue products
  • methods for laying foundations and ground reinforcement work
  • data management and communication with the support of GIS and BIM
  • knowledge about the reuse of geotechnical structures
  • robust construction designed to take account of future climate changes and which require limited maintenance
  • new and more efficient technologies to investigate and remediate contaminated sites

We support the society at large with expert knowledge and applied research results from projects in order to encourage safe, efficient and sustainable ground construction.

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