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Photo: Elin Sjöstedt, SGI

About SGI-Line

SGI-Line is a literature database containing references to international geotechnical and geoenvironmental literature in a broad context, published 1976 up to present. Even older valuable literature are available.

Database description

The database contains some 80.000 references and is annually expanded with about 2.000. The major part of the documents, articles in journals, papers in conference proceedings, reports, books, theses etc., referred to in the database are available in the SGI Library. Most references added in recent years links to full-text documents.

Indexing and classification

The references in SGI-Line is described by both keywords in English and classification code(s). Approximately 800 geotechnical keywords are used for indexing the references, and for classification the International Geotechnical Classification System, IGC, is used.

The main geotechnical areas of the database

  • Foundation & Reinforcement
  • Analysis of Soil- Rock-Engineering Problems
  • Properties of Soil & Rock
  • Environmental Geotechnics
  • Site Investigations
  • Geology
  • Building materials, Energy, etc. 


The documents referred to in the database is written in English (76 %), Swedish (14 %), German (4 %), French (3 %) and other languages (4 %).

SGI - ISSMGE Co-operation

The Swedish Geotechnical Institute, SGI, and the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ISSMGE, co-operates on the Literature Database SGI-Line in order to increase the accessibility and to expand the content of the database.

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