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LIDAR data for slope stability analyses - Deliverable 6

Swedish title: LIDAR data for slope stability analyses - Deliverable 6
Author Jan Fallsvik
Series: SGI Varia
Number: 579
Year: 2007
Pages: 89
Download (PDF, 4.24 MB)
Summary (1) Swedish Guidelines for stability investigations; (2) The test site; (3) The geometry of Section 5; (4) Inventory of human activities and other information on the terrain; (5) Analysis of the input data; (6) Stability calculations; (7) Results of the stability calculcations; Appendices: (A) Brief description on the regional geological development and its importance for the overview geotechnical conditions; (B) Definitions in line with the Swedish Guidelines; (C) Laboratory investigations; (D) Analysis of shear strength data; (E) Sections of the performed stability calculations