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The Landslide at Tuve November 30 1977

Swedish title: The Landslide at Tuve November 30 1977
Author Rolf Larsson, Mats Jansson
Series: SGI Rapport
Number: 18
Year: 1982
Pages: 154
Download (PDF, 10.52 MB)
Summary (1) Introduction; (2) Description of the slide area; (3) Geology of the site; (4) Hydrogeology and hydrometeorology; (5) The slide events; (6) Remedial measures; (7) Geotechnical investigation; (8) Results from the field and laboratory investigations of the slide; (9) Geotechnical conditions at Tuve before the slide; (10) Conditions in areas where landslides in soft clay frequently occur; (11) Mechanisms of landslides in soft clay; (12) Stability analyses and probable slide mechanism at Tuve; Appendices: (A) Results from geotechnical investigatiosn before the slide; (B) Results from geotechnical investigations after the slide; (C) Photographs taken after the slide.