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Symposium on slopes on soft clays, Linköping, March 8-10, 1982. Ed: Jan Lindgren

Swedish title: Symposium on slopes on soft clays, Linköping, March 8-10, 1982. Ed: Jan Lindgren
Series: SGI Rapport
Number: 17
Year: 1983
Pages: 461
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Summary 27 papers: (1) Aas, G: A method of stability analysis applicable to natural slopes in sensitive and quick clays; (2) Bengtsson, PE, Lekorchi, D: Stresses and displacements in natural slopes; (3) Berggren, B: Classification of slope stability; (4) Berggren, B, Carlsson, B: The safety factor and failure probability; (5) Bernander, S: Active earth pressure build-up - a trigger mechanism in large landslides in sensitive (quick) clays; (6) Bernander, S, Olofsson, I: The landslide at Tuve, Nov. 1977; (7) Bernander, S, Svensk, I: On the brittleness of soft clays; (8) Bjurström, G, Broms, BB: The landslide at Fröland, June 5, 1973; (9) Broms, BB: Progressive translationary landslides; (10) Broms, BB: Stability of slopes with respect to liquefaction; (11) Eide, O: Summary of slide in stiff fissured clay at Sandnes near Stavanger in Norway; (12) Gregersen, O, Löken, T: Mapping of quick clay landslide hazard in Norway. Criteria and experiences; (13) Karlsrud, K: Analysis of a small slide in sensitive clay in Fredrikstad, Norway; (14) Larsson, R: On the use of drained and undrained shear strength and effective stress parameters in slope stability calculations; (15) Lebuis, J, Robert, JM, Rissman, P: Regional mapping of landslide hazard in Quebec; (16) Lefebvre, G: Use of the post-peak strength in slope stability analysis; (17) Leroueil, S, Collins, G, Tavenas, F: Total and effective stress analysis of slopes in Champlain Sea clays; (18) Lindskog, G: Brief report of the investigation of the slope stability along the river in Göta river valley; (19) Olsson, L: The safety factor is dead - long live the probability of failure ... ?; (20) Rosén, B: Climate records related to landslides; (21) Rosén, B: Pore water forecasting; (22) Sällfors, G: A simplified calculation method for the stability of long slopes; (23) Söderblom, R: Slope stability - a constant factor or a short time "parameter"?; (24) Söderblom, R: Studies of the rapidity number. Can this parameter be used to determine the slide tendency of a clay?; (25) Tavenas, F, Leroueil, S: A new approach to effective stress stability analyses; (26) Tavenas, F, Flon, P, Leroueil, S, Lebuis, J: Remolding energy and risk of slide retrogression in sensitive clays; (27) Viberg, L: Experiences of mapping and classification of stability conditions.