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Piezocone tests in clay

Swedish title: Piezocone tests in clay
Author Rolf Larsson, Mensur Mulabdic
Series: SGI Rapport
Number: 42
Year: 1991
Pages: 240
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Summary (1) Demands on accuracy, calibration and corrections to be applied in piezocone tests in soft clay, with comments on the test procedures; (2) Piezocone equipment used in the present investigation; (3) Testing programme in the present investigation; (4) Related investigations in Norway and England; (5) Test procedures and related observations; (6) Swedish test fields and principal test results; (7) General behaviour of clays; (8) Development of tip resistance, sleeve friction and pore pressures around a penetrating cone; (9) Evaluation of soil properties in clays; (10) Excess pore pressure dissipation tests; (11) Soil classification.