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There are currently 42 Publications:
  1. Passive filter barriers - Guideline. Appendix Author: Lennart Larsson, Jan Rogbeck, Karsten Håkansson Download (PDF, 402.67 KB)
  2. Passive filter barriers - Guideline Author: Lennart Larsson, Jan Rogbeck, Karsten Håkansson Download (PDF, 578.83 KB)
  3. Coastal management and climate change – decision basis and adaptation measures. Coastal conference 2007, Malmö October 25, 2007 Author: Download (PDF, 11.62 MB)
  4. Slope stability analysis programs - inventory and comparison. Pre-study Author: Mats Olsson, Karin Odén Download (PDF, 309.94 KB)
  5. Frequency of landslides in Sweden Author: Ann-Christine Hågeryd, Leif Viberg, Bo Lind Download (PDF, 756.47 KB)
  6. Migration of contaminants due to flooding. Phase II Author: Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Henrik Nyberg, Gunnel Göransson, Åsa Lindström, Johan Nordbäck, Martin Gustafsson Download (PDF, 2.45 MB)
  7. Migration of contaminants due to flooding. Phase I Author: Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Henrik Nyberg, Gunnel Nilsson Download (PDF, 1.86 MB)
  8. Overview assessment of soil movements due to climate change. Impact of the climate change in Sweden Author: Jan Fallsvik, Ann-Christine Hågeryd, Bo Lind, Hans Alexandersson, Susanne Edsgård, Per Löfling, Håkan Nordlander, Bo Thunholm Download (PDF, 2.66 MB)
  9. Spreading of creosote in soil from railroad sleepers: Literature review Author: Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Gunnel Göransson, Anja Enell, Lennart Larsson Download (PDF, 313.89 KB)
  10. Climate change and adaptation in the perspective of sustainable development. Symposium in Stockholm 20 March 2007 Author: Download (PDF, 10.58 MB)
  11. Recommendations for planning, surveillance, inspection with LS DTM. Usefulness of LS DTM in landslide hazard mapping and slope management - Deliverable 8 Author: Jan Fallsvik Download (PDF, 1.22 MB)
  12. LIDAR data for slope stability analyses - Deliverable 6 Author: Jan Fallsvik Download (PDF, 4.24 MB)
  13. Zonation and landslide hazard by means of LS DTM - Deliverable 7 Author: Jan Fallsvik Download (PDF, 10.36 MB)
  14. Investigations in near shore areas, Measurements of topography and bathymetry. Applications for erosion and slope stability Author: Bengt Rydell, Ola Arvidslund, Jan Fallsvik Download (PDF, 1.61 MB)
  15. Bridge over Öre River at Skarda, Sweden, Road 353 Bjurholm - Lycksele. Follow-up of settlements on a bridge Author: Ulf Bergdahl, Annika Lindahl, Monica Ouacha Download (PDF, 1.90 MB)
  16. Long-term observations of consolidation processes - results from about fifty years' monitoring of Swedish test embankments on soft clay Author: Rolf Larsson Download (PDF, 1.29 MB)
  17. Sulphide soil - geotechnical classification and undrained shear strength Author: Rolf Larsson, Bo Westerberg, Daniel Albing, Sven Knutsson, Eric Carlsson Download (PDF, 6.17 MB)
  18. Inventory of materials and applications - Contribution to the Swedish EPA project, "Recycling waste in construction works", commissioned by the Government Author: Maria Arm, Johanna Lindeberg, Helena Helgesson Download (PDF, 164.49 KB)
  19. Geotechnics and the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives Author: Bengt Rydell Download (PDF, 323.28 KB)
  20. Landfill stability. Guideline for design Author: Jan Rogbeck, Per-Evert Bengtsson, Rolf Larsson, Yvonne Rogbeck, Gunnar Westberg Download (PDF, 1.58 MB)
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