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There are currently 832 Publications:
  1. New geotechnical classification system Author: Walter Kjellman, Lyman Cadling, Nils flodin Download (PDF, 1.86 MB)
  2. Some side-intake soil samplers for sand and gravel Author: Torsten Kallstenius Download (PDF, 5.40 MB)
  3. Influence of sampler type and testing method on shear strength of clay samples Author: Bernt Jakobson Download (PDF, 2.12 MB)
  4. Some relations between stress and strain in coarse-grained cohesionless materials Author: Walter Kjellman, Bernt Jakobson Download (PDF, 2.18 MB)
  5. Accurate measurement of settlements Author: Walter Kjellman, Torsten Kallstenius, Yngve Liljedahl Download (PDF, 2.18 MB)
  6. Influence of organic matter on differential thermal analysis of clays Author: Lennart Silfverberg Download (PDF, 2.78 MB)
  7. Investigations of soil pressure measuring by means of cells Author: Torsten Kallstenius, Werner Bergau Download (PDF, 7.17 MB)
  8. Pore water pressure measurement in field investigations Author: Torsten Kallstenius, Alf Wallgren Download (PDF, 4.20 MB)
  9. New approach to the determination of the shear strength of clay by the fall-cone test Author: Sven Hansbo Download (PDF, 6.57 MB)
  10. Chemical determination of soil organic matter. A critical review of existing methods Author: Lennart Silfverberg Download (PDF, 1.80 MB)
  11. Mechanical disturbances in clay samples taken with piston samplers Author: Torsten Kallstenius Download (PDF, 2.97 MB)
  12. Measurements of pressures of filling materials against walls Author: Download (PDF, 7.73 MB)
  13. Consolidation of clay, with special reference to influence of vertical sand drains. A study made in connection with full-scale investigations at Skå-Edeby Author: Sven Hansbo Download (PDF, 13.54 MB)
  14. Standard piston sampling. A report by the Swedish Committee on Piston Sampling Author: Download (PDF, 1.62 MB)
  15. Theoretical study of the failure conditions in saturated soils Author: Justus Osterman Download (PDF, 1.19 MB)
  16. Studies on clay samples taken with standard piston sampler Author: Torsten Kallstenius Download (PDF, 26.92 MB)
  17. Salt in Swedish clays and its importance for quick clay formation. Results from some field and laboratory studies Author: Rolf Söderblom Download (PDF, 3.30 MB)
  18. Strength and deformation properties of soils as determined by a free falling weight Author: Olle Orrje, Bengt Broms Download (PDF, 1.31 MB)
  19. Negative skin friction on long piles driven in clay Author: Bengt H Fellenius Download (PDF, 1.87 MB)
  20. Organic matter in Swedish clays and its importance for quick clay formation Author: Rolf Söderblom Download (PDF, 2.75 MB)