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There are currently 85 Publications:
  1. Agenda 2030. Reporting 2017 how our work contributes to the global sustainable development goals Author: Download (PDF, 1,006.41 KB)
  2. Agenda 2030. Avrapportering 2017 hur myndighetens verksamhet bidragit till målen och delmålen Author: Download (PDF, 1,006.41 KB)
  3. Kartunderlag om ras, skred och erosion Author: Download (PDF, 8.27 MB)
  4. Nature-friendly bank protection in rivers. A prestudy Author: Per Danielsson, Johan Kling, Bengt Rydell, Ramona Kiilsgaard Download (PDF, 8.45 MB)
  5. Naturanpassade erosionsskydd i vattendrag. En förstudie Author: Per Danielsson, Johan Kling, Bengt Rydell, Ramona Kiilsgaard Download (PDF, 8.45 MB)
  6. Basis for estimation of erosion for stability calculations Author: Bengt Rydell, Linda blied Download (PDF, 1.06 MB)
  7. Water levels, ground water and erosion due to climate change. Basis for Governing document 99ST003 Author: Bengt Rydell, Håkan Persson, Linda Blied Download (PDF, 1.70 MB)
  8. Integrated coastal zone management. Planning and construction in theory and practice. Coastal meeting 2012 Author: Download (PDF, 1.24 MB)
  9. Methodology for overview mapping of erosion Author: Bengt Rydell, Linda Blied, Jim Hedfors, Ann-Christine Hågeryd, Stefan Turesson Download (PDF, 5.22 MB)
  10. Changes in landslide consequence and probability in the Göta river valley due to climate change Author: Stefan Falemo Download (PDF, 2.96 MB)
  11. Sustainable development of coastal areas. Integrated coastal zone management and interplay of sea and land Author: Bengt Rydell, Ramona Bergman, Peggy Lerman Download (PDF, 2.51 MB)
  12. Baltic Challenges and Chances for local and regional development generated by Climate Change - Tools for soil movements (landslides and erosion) Author: Yvonne Rogbeck, Hjördis Löfroth, Håkan Persson Download (PDF, 6.16 MB)
  13. Integrated coastal zone management. Climate adaptation in practice. Coastal meeting 2011 Author: Download (PDF, 537.14 KB)
  14. Sustainable development of near-shore areas. Planning and decision basis for prevention of natural hazards due to climate change Author: Bengt Rydell, Mats Persson, Mattias Andersson, Stefan Falemo Download (PDF, 3.89 MB)
  15. CoastSat. Remote sensing for monitoring coastal processes Author: Bengt Rydell, Oscar Törnqvist, Sara Wiman, Ann-Christine Hågeryd Download (PDF, 3.91 MB)
  16. The sea - threats and possibilities? Climate adaptation in coastal areas. Swedish Coastal Meeting 2010 Author: Download (PDF, 371.53 KB)
  17. Erosion in river valleys in Sweden. Survey mapping of areas prone to erosion. Methodology Author: Bengt Rydell, Ann-Christine Hågeryd, Johan Axelsson Download (PDF, 1.42 MB)
  18. The threat from the sea - how to deal with sea level rise? Climate adaptation in coastal areas. Swedish Coastal Meeting 2009 Author: Download (PDF, 251.17 KB)
  19. Sustainable coastal development - planning and building in coastal areas. Coastal conference 2008, Trelleborg, October 22, 2008 Author: Download (PDF, 9.25 MB)
  20. Erosion and sediment transport in rivers Author: Mattias Andersson, Karin Lundström, Wilhelm Rankka, Bengt Rydell Download (PDF, 3.06 MB)
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