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There are currently 142 Publications:
  1. Strength degradation of clay due to cyclic loadings and enforced deformation Author: Helen Åhnberg, Rolf Larsson Download (PDF, 13.25 MB)
  2. Long-term observations of consolidation processes - results from about fifty years' monitoring of Swedish test embankments on soft clay Author: Rolf Larsson Download (PDF, 1.29 MB)
  3. Sulphide soil - geotechnical classification and undrained shear strength Author: Rolf Larsson, Bo Westerberg, Daniel Albing, Sven Knutsson, Eric Carlsson Download (PDF, 6.17 MB)
  4. Stability and run-off conditions - Guidelines for detailed investigation of slopes and torrents in till and coarse-grained sediments Author: Karin Rankka, Jan Fallsvik Download (PDF, 3.36 MB)
  5. Geotechnical properties of clay at elevated temperatures Author: Lovisa Moritz Download (PDF, 5.32 MB)
  6. The landslide at Agnesberg. Measures against slides Author: Hans Sandebring, Elvin Ottosson Download (PDF, 3.99 MB)
  7. R&D for roads and bridges. International seminar on soil mechanics and foundation engineering, Sigtuna, 16-18 November, 1993. Ed: Bengt Rydell Author: Download (PDF, 5.98 MB)
  8. Parameter study of solar heating systems with seasonal ground storage in moraine Author: Marti Lehtmets Download (PDF, 7.20 MB)
  9. Solar heating system with seasonal heat store. A simulation and cost study Author: Anna Gabrielsson Download (PDF, 7.64 MB)
  10. Silt - geotechnical properties and their determination Author: Rolf Larsson Download (PDF, 13.31 MB)
  11. Modelling of groundwater conditions in silts and fine sands. A study of induced groundwater changes based on laboratory and full-scale field tests. Diss Author: Marius Tremblay Download (PDF, 18.36 MB)
  12. Mining wastes in the Dalälven drainage basin Author: Tom Lundgren, Jan Hartlén Download (PDF, 11.06 MB)
  13. Shear moduli in Scandinavian clays. Measurement of initial shear modulus with seismic cones. Empirical correlations for the initial shear modulus in clay Author: Rolf Larsson, Mensur Mulabdic Download (PDF, 7.50 MB)
  14. Pore pressure measurement - reliability of different systems Author: Marius Tremblay Download (PDF, 5.62 MB)
  15. Behaviour of organic clay and gyttja. Results from investigations in Swedish gyttja-bearing soils supplemented with results from a similar Finnish investigation and experience from sulphide-rich soils (svartmocka) Author: Rolf Larsson Download (PDF, 11.53 MB)
  16. The landslide at Agnesberg, Sweden Author: Rolf Larsson, Elvin Ottosson, Göran Sällfors Download (PDF, 2.20 MB)
  17. Monitoring system - slope behaviour - slide initiation. Results from full-scale field tests in Norrköping Author: Björn Möller, Helen Åhnberg Download (PDF, 13.52 MB)
  18. Piezocone tests in clay Author: Rolf Larsson, Mensur Mulabdic Download (PDF, 19.54 MB)
  19. Settlements and shear strength increase below embankments - long-term observations and measurement of shear strength increase by seismic cross-hole tomography Author: Rolf Larsson, Håkan Mattsson Download (PDF, 2.71 MB)
  20. Mechanical properties of residues as unbound road materials - experimental tests on MSWI bottom ash, crushed concrete and blast furnace slag. Diss Author: Maria Arm Download (PDF, 3.50 MB)
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