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There are currently 38 Publications:
  1. Geo-calculation system with sustainability criteria. Amendment and implementation of Geo-calculation according to a governmental commission Author: Download (PDF, 522.21 KB)
  2. Geokalkylsystem med hållbarhetskriterier. Komplettering och implementering av Geokalkyl enligt regeringsuppdrag Author: Download (PDF, 522.21 KB)
  3. Agenda 2030. Reporting 2017 how our work contributes to the global sustainable development goals Author: Download (PDF, 1,006.41 KB)
  4. Agenda 2030. Avrapportering 2017 hur myndighetens verksamhet bidragit till målen och delmålen Author: Download (PDF, 1,006.41 KB)
  5. Soil stabilization with lime-rich ash Author: Yvonne Rogbeck, Lennart Larsson, Helen Åhnberg, Sten Rodenstam Download (PDF, 3.52 MB)
  6. Inventory of residues that may replace natural gravel and crushed rock in construction work Author: Ola Wik, Johanna Lindeberg, Sören Nilsson-Påledal, Maria Arm, Bo Lind Download (PDF, 731.80 KB)
  7. Mechanical properties of residues as unbound road materials - experimental tests on MSWI bottom ash, crushed concrete and blast furnace slag. Diss Author: Maria Arm Download (PDF, 3.50 MB)
  8. Technical properties of waste products from coal combustion process - a laboratory study Author: Björn Möller, Göran Nilson Download (PDF, 7.38 MB)
  9. Interim storage of asphalt - Report no 4. Leaching from road construction material containing coal tar Author: Lennart Larsson, Torbjörn Jacobson, Lars Bäckman Download (PDF, 632.46 KB)
  10. MSWI bottom ash as road material - leaching and environmental impact from a test road Author: Bo Lind, Lennart Larsson, David Gustafsson, Jon-Petter Gustafsson, Sten-Åke Ohlsson, Jenny Norrman, Ola Arvidson, Maria Arm Download (PDF, 5.11 MB)
  11. Inventory of materials and applications - Contribution to the Swedish EPA project, "Recycling waste in construction works", commissioned by the Government Author: Maria Arm, Johanna Lindeberg, Helena Helgesson Download (PDF, 164.49 KB)
  12. Geotechnics and the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives Author: Bengt Rydell Download (PDF, 323.28 KB)
  13. Leaching of recycled tar-containing road construction material. Status report 2003 Author: Lennart Larsson Download (PDF, 1.47 MB)
  14. Ground and water in a changing society - Geotechnical Research Day 2004 Author: Download (PDF, 11.28 MB)
  15. Stabilization / solidification of contaminated sediments and dredged materials Author: Göran Holm, Bo Svedberg, Kristina Eriksson Download (PDF, 3.95 MB)
  16. Bottom ash from incineration of coal, peat and biofuel in road construction – A guide Author: Maria Arm, Charlotta Tiberg Download (PDF, 972.79 KB)
  17. Tyre shreds. Manual Author: Tommy Edeskär Download (PDF, 736.73 KB)
  18. Foam glass in earth and road construction. Manual Author: Leif Eriksson, Jörgen Hägglund Download (PDF, 1.31 MB)
  19. MSWI bottom ash in road and construction works. Manual Author: Maria Arm Download (PDF, 3.53 MB)
  20. Fly ash in earth construction and road works. Gravel roads. Manual Author: Hanna Munde, Bo Svedberg, Josef Macsik, Aino Maijala, Pentti Lahtinen, Peter Ekdahl, Jens Néren Download (PDF, 3.44 MB)
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